FAE Hospital

Soraida and Mosha at FAE

Soraida and Mosha at FAE

The Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) hospital in Lampang, Thailand is the world’s first animal hospital built to treat sick, injured and abused elephants in Asia. Since opening in 1993, founder Soraida Salwala and her staff have treated over 3,600 elephants. Two of the most famous cases are Mosha and Motala. These elephants survived severe injuries from stepping on buried landlines leftover from conflicts in the region. Both elephants have been fitted with innovative prosthetic legs that allow them to live reasonably normal lives.

The Eyes of Thailand
Are you intrigued by this unusual elephant hospital? You can see for yourself the work they do and the fascinating saga of Mosha and Motala though Windy Borman’s film, “The Eyes of Thailand.” Here’s a short trailer to give you a taste of the documentary, narrated by Ashley Judd.

Now that you’ve had a sample, you’ll want to seen the entire film. It’s available for streaming on NetFlix as well as DVD purchase. There’s also great merchandise with a Mosha & Motala theme available in the Eyes of Thailand Ele-Shop.

Support FAE Hospital
Do you love the work that Soraida and her staff are doing on behalf of Asian elephants and their mahouts? This unique facility really needs your help to continue treating the many elephant patients that come to the hospital for help. You are invited to visit the FAE Supporters on Facebook to see what the elephants are up to and how the group is helping this effort. Your financial support is more than welcome. It is vitally needed. You can easily donate through PayPal (including credit cards), Wire Transfer or paper check. Get complete instructions on how to donate to FAE now.
How you can support the Friends of the Asian Elephant hospital in Thailand.


Note: If you are interested in visiting the hospital, Randy Gaudet of All Thailand Experiences can arrange a tour.

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